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Shoot the puck, shoot the puck

You can’t score in hockey if you don’t shoot.  Wednesday’s Boston Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightening Game 6 left me disappointed knowing that with all the talent the Bruins have, they could have scored more had they shot more.  Why didn’t they?  Who knows.  We haven’t been this close to the Stanley Cup since 1992.   In 1990 we were in the Stanley Cup finals.  … Read More Shoot the puck, shoot the puck

Coulda Woulda for Boston Celtics in 2011

You can’t say Boston didn’t have a well-thought plan.  They played hard, but in the end the younger team prevailed.  If only Boston had a little more stamina and stability, they might have had fewer injuries and successfully executed more types of shots.  Five millimeters more control could have made a difference with one of those free shots or a critical passing maneuver. There’s … Read More Coulda Woulda for Boston Celtics in 2011

Enjoying the Boston Marathon

One of the reasons we enjoy watching the Boston Marathon is that it’s the best possible laboratory to observe running gait across a broad population. In those few seconds before each runner passes, one can see a broad spectrum of deficiencies in running gait, and resulting compensations that cost the runner valuable energy. One also sees various pathomechanics that in all likelihood could contribute … Read More Enjoying the Boston Marathon